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Micro E-mini/ES Futures

Main objective of the educational room is to teach a solid foundation of trading the Micro e-minis/ES futures. Learn Market Profile & Reading TPO Charts In The Process

Perfect for traders with small accounts looking to learn the foundation of trading with very low risk

-- No PDT Rule

-- Trade as low as $50

-- Start with Trading Account as little as $1500

FREE & low cost trading educational material & trading room at

Join A Trading Room Community

If you are a new trader or a trader that is looking for a low cost trading room in which the professional trading moderators take the time to educate, teach, answer your questions directly and also trade live, then we strongly recommend joining 

Madaz Money Trading Room at

More Advanced Traders looking to use A.I. Algo driven software trading tools should join the free Trade Ideas Room at 

Trading Software

In this day and age of artificial intelligence and algorithmic trading, individual traders must compete with financial engineers coding for large institutions and large individual traders

Trade Ideas is a 15 year Benzinga Award Winning Fintech company providing the best low cost intergrated backtesting a.i. scans, charts & algorithm trading engines for traders. 

Trade Ideas at  

Webinars & Videos Training

Trade Ideas University LIVE & Archived Education   

  • Every Monday Office Hours Webinar 
  • Tues Trade of the Week Show 
  • Every Weds Q&A Session 
  • Every Thurs Andy’s Studio
  •  Every Friday Support Session 
  • Everyday Trading Room (live chat) 


The Ultimate Guide to Market Profile

 Market Profile is best understood as a way to see order in the markets. While not a typical “indicator.” Market Profile takes the data from each day’s trading session and organizes it to help us understand who is in control of the market and what is perceived as fair value. 

  Market Profile was a way for traders to get a better understanding of what was going on, without having to be on the trading floor.

Learn How It Works at

Path To Ruins

While playing low float penny stocks at the open may be a strategy that works for experienced profitable traders, is is a path to ruins for any new trader trying to learn.

They are easily manipulated by high frequency trading algorithms and are the hardest strategy to trade. If you are being told otherwise or taught differently. Run and run fast. It is not a matter of  "IF" you will blow up your trading account, it is a question of how soon "WHEN"

What Elite Traders Do That You May Not Be Doing


In this video, Mike Bellafiore co-founder of SMB Capital shares what elite traders are doing that you may not be so you can take the next level in your trading.

See how a daily, monthly and yearly review, the power of collaboration, accountability, a mindset of grow or die, finding solutions to underperformance, and being uncomfortable lead elite traders to great results.

Free & Low Cost Educational Portal

Trading Room for Advanced Traders


 Don’t trade alone. The Trade Ideas room is FREE to all and open weekdays from 9AM ET to 4PM ET. Join over 400 active traders daily; many professional traders sharing their ideas, alerts, buys & sells. 

Moderator Barrie is on the microphone screen sharing his charts, scans , alerts, buys & sells entries/exits. 

Trading Room for the Novice Trader


 Madaz Money Trading Room Community recently launched by Max (Madaz). Max is a highly followed and popular successful trader with a team of professional trading moderators. The room is a must for new traders to learn how to trade - or for those experience traders that want to learn how Max and his team strategies & executions. 

Learn to Trade in a Downtrend


Trade during a downtrend -  Free ebook written by long time professional traders who have experienced every sort of market condition - Including Post BTFD.

There is an entire new generation of traders that have never experienced a bear market. This book clearly outlines five key strategies to help you navigate.

Trade of The Week


Learn how to professional traders select stocks to trade.

  • How they identified the trade of the week based on chart pattern set up.
  • Why they believe it will perform well based on the chart.
  • The technical conditions that are in place for the stock at this time.
  • Entries, Exits & Target Price Points


Auto Technical Analysis Charts


  Our friends at Trend Spider is offering a FREE 7-day trial using their auto charts & technical analysis charting (we honestly love it). Not only does it teach you how to properly read set up patterns, it also saves you so much time reviewing charts by provides accurate price points -including support & resistance.

A.I. Algorithm Trade Alerts


  A.I. powered automated trading is here!  When you activate Brokerage Plus with Trade Ideas you'll have power of Holly A.I. Algorithms available to manage your trading cycle.  Find trades, data-crunch scenarios & execute them automatically  

Beyond The Trades

Traders LifeStyle Interviews



Through standard short action-filled questions & answer interviews each week, you will get an opportunity to read the secrets for success and happiness from traders who post regularly on social media. We aim to interview not only known successful traders, but also the new and struggling trader still trying to master the game.

You will learn what makes them tick. What trading and life inspirations they follow. What books they enjoy to read and why. Trading & life lessons and tips will be shared – and much more!

Confessions Of A Market Maker - Podcast



Ray (@PokerTraderRay) and long time former market maker himself co-host J.J. (@vwaptrader1) take you behind the scenes to see exactly how market makers trade against individual retail traders - especially during the opening 15 to 30 minutes of trading.

Both educational with some entertaining Wall Street stories you will not want to miss.

Free Trading Strategy eBooks

Swing Trading Strategies


 SOLID SWING TRADING STRATEGIES  Check out the new FREE eBook "Solid Swing Trading Concepts", written by TI's  Steve Gomez  & Barrie Einarson.

  •  4 Strategies & Rules for Swing Trading 
  • Short Selling 
  • Risk Management Plans 

Trading Range Breaks & Pullbacks


 Trading RANGE BREAK AND PULLBACKS  Check out the new FREE eBook "Range Break & Pullbacks", written by Andy Lindloff and Jamie Hodge. Few topics they cover; 

  •  Buying pullbacks 
  • Range Breaks  
  • Buying stocks at All Time Highs 

Active Investing For Passive Traders


 Check out FREE TI eBook "Active Investing For The Passive Trader",  by Sean McLaughlin  & Michael Nauss. Some topics covered;  

  • How swing traders exploit A.I. signals 
  • Algorithmic curated swing trading 
  • Automatic A.I. trading 

Free Trading Video Presentations by Industry Leaders

Technical Analysis


Presentation by Brian Shannon

Trading Psychology


Presented by Dr. Brett Steenbarger

Chart Pattern Recognition


Presentation by J.C. Parets


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