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Click below to learn how to use a free paper trading account using Brokerage Plus.

The Simulated Trading Account lets you use Interactive Brokers’ powerful trading platform for free and without commitment. 

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The Raw Trading Frustration of a New Trader

In this video, a junior trader shares his raw emotion experiencing a trading frustration. Watch SMB Capital mentor this trader in real-time to develop a solution to overcome this psychological trading issue. 

Educational Product & Services Portal

Trading Room for Advanced Traders


 Don’t trade alone. The Trade Ideas room is FREE to all and open weekdays from 9AM ET to 4PM ET. Join over 400 active traders daily; many professional traders sharing their ideas, alerts, buys & sells. 

Moderator Barrie is on the microphone screen sharing his charts, scans , alerts, buys & sells entries/exits. 

Trading Room for the Novice Trader


 Madaz Money Trading Room Community recently launched by Max (Madaz). Max is a highly followed and popular successful trader with a team of professional trading moderators. The room is a must for new traders to learn how to trade - or for those experience traders that want to learn how Max and his team strategies & executions. 

Learn to Trade in a Downtrend


Trade during a downtrend -  Free ebook written by long time professional traders who have experienced every sort of market condition - Including Post BTFD.

There is an entire new generation of traders that have never experienced a bear market. This book clearly outlines five key strategies to help you navigate.

Trade of The Week


Learn how to professional traders select stocks to trade.

  • How they identified the trade of the week based on chart pattern set up.
  • Why they believe it will perform well based on the chart.
  • The technical conditions that are in place for the stock at this time.
  • Entries, Exits & Target Price Points


Closing Bell Recap Video


 Every day after the close, TI's  Trading Chat Room Moderator & Professional trader, Barrie Einarson, posts a new FREE video showing & explaining the exact trades he engaged in during the   trading day.

Get into the mindset of a long time professional trader before, during and after his trades.

HOLLY A.I. Algorithm Trade Engine


Many new traders speed up their learning and profit making abilities by using A.I. algorithm powered trading engines like TI's Holly alerts. 

The net return of the Holly's simulated portfolio for the calendar year 2018 was 32% after commissions. These results were achieved by the company’s A.I. powered, Investment Discovery Engine, ‘Holly.’ 

The Micah Yo Show

NEW: Micah Yo Show (3-22-2019)


Highly Requested Short Squeeze strategy video. LIVE trading room video of Micah explaining why $SEEL squeezed and calling a $3.28 top. He was .02 off!  

Micah Yo Trades & Teaches at


"Beyond The Trades" - Interviews with Traders



Through standard short action-filled questions & answer interviews each week, you will get an opportunity to read the secrets for success and happiness from traders who post regularly on social media.

You will learn what makes them tick. What trading and life inspirations they follow. What books they enjoy to read and why. Trading & life lessons and tips will be shared - and much more!

The format will be simple, traders interviewed will be asked all the same insightful questions. These interviews are not meant to be trading lessons, although you will find in their answers what makes them successful in their life journey.

The responses from the traders interviewed will be posted raw, in their own words and unedited so the reader can feel the emotion in their answers. 

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Free Trading Video Lessons

Technical Analysis


Presentation by Brian Shannon

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Trading Psychology


Presented by Dr. Brett Steenbarger

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Chart Pattern Recognition


Presentation by J.C. Parets

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Trading Video Of The Week

 Fibonacci Analysis: A Conversation With J.C. Parets and Todd Gordon  


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