Suggested Free & Low Cost Trading Educational Training Path

Books to Read & Study

There are many good trading books to read, but the following are recommended in the listed order

  • Tools & Tactics For Master Trader
  • One Good Trade
  • The Daily Trading Coach
  • The Playbook

Trading Chat Rooms To Consider

If you are a new trader or a trader that is looking for a low cost trading room in which the professional trading moderators take the time to educate, teach, answer your questions directly and also trade live, then we strongly recommend joining 

Madaz Money Trading Room at

A.I. Scans, Charts & Algorithms

An absolute must have if you are serious in your efforts to become a profitable trader. In this day and age of artificial intelligence and algorithmic trading, individual traders must compete with similar trading tools.

Trade Ideas is a 15 year Benzinga Award Winning Fintech company providing the best low cost backtesting a.i. scans, charts & algorithm trading engines for traders.

Trade Ideas at  

Webinars & Videos Training

There are a host of FREE trading videos circulating on You Tube and even on this web site. Recommend Watching as many videos as you can from

  • SMB Capital
  • Brian Shannon
  • J.C. Parets
  • Dr. Brett Steenbarger

.  Topics they teach include how to reach charts, technical analysis & trading psychology.

Who to Follow on Social Media

Twitter & Social Media can be a mixed bag when it comes to being part of your trading educational journey. For as many really good individuals to follow who post helpful information, there are multiple others who are inexperience traders, scammers or simply sheep who follow the advice of their high priced paid gurus.

I suggest contacting @mTradingMedia or @BeyondTheTrades directly and they will provide you with introductions to those legit and helpful traders worth following.

Path To Ruins

While playing low float penny stocks at the open may be a strategy that works for experienced profitable traders, is is a path to ruins for any new trader trying to learn.

They are easily manipulated by high frequency trading algorithms and are the hardest strategy to trade. If you are being told otherwise or taught differently. Run and run fast. It is not a matter of  "IF" you will blow up your trading account, it is a question of how soon "WHEN"

How to Improve at Reading the Tape

Watch how Professional Traders at SMB Capital learn to become better professional traders.

How to Improve at Reading the Tape (Trade Example MYL)

Free & Low Cost Educational Portal

Trading Room for Advanced Traders


 Don’t trade alone. The Trade Ideas room is FREE to all and open weekdays from 9AM ET to 4PM ET. Join over 400 active traders daily; many professional traders sharing their ideas, alerts, buys & sells. 

Moderator Barrie is on the microphone screen sharing his charts, scans , alerts, buys & sells entries/exits. 

Trading Room for the Novice Trader


 Madaz Money Trading Room Community recently launched by Max (Madaz). Max is a highly followed and popular successful trader with a team of professional trading moderators. The room is a must for new traders to learn how to trade - or for those experience traders that want to learn how Max and his team strategies & executions. 

Learn to Trade in a Downtrend


Trade during a downtrend -  Free ebook written by long time professional traders who have experienced every sort of market condition - Including Post BTFD.

There is an entire new generation of traders that have never experienced a bear market. This book clearly outlines five key strategies to help you navigate.

Trade of The Week


Learn how to professional traders select stocks to trade.

  • How they identified the trade of the week based on chart pattern set up.
  • Why they believe it will perform well based on the chart.
  • The technical conditions that are in place for the stock at this time.
  • Entries, Exits & Target Price Points


Closing Bell Recap Video


 Every day after the close, TI's  Trading Chat Room Moderator & Professional trader, Barrie Einarson, posts a new FREE video showing & explaining the exact trades he engaged in during the   trading day.

Get into the mindset of a long time professional trader before, during and after his trades.

HOLLY A.I. Algorithm Trade Engine


  A.I. powered automated trading is here!  When you activate Brokerage Plus with Trade Ideas you'll have power of Holly A.I. Algorithms available to manage your trading cycle.  Find trades, data-crunch scenarios & execute them automatically  

The Micah Yo Show

Latest Micah Yo Show 

In this episode Micah You discusses the "sell in May" state of the market - Why summer trading requires MORE discipline - Never saying "Never" 

Micah Yo Trades & Teaches at


"Beyond The Trades" - Interviews with Traders



Through standard short action-filled questions & answer interviews each week, you will get an opportunity to read the secrets for success and happiness from traders who post regularly on social media.

You will learn what makes them tick. What trading and life inspirations they follow. What books they enjoy to read and why. Trading & life lessons and tips will be shared - and much more!

The format will be simple, traders interviewed will be asked all the same insightful questions. These interviews are not meant to be trading lessons, although you will find in their answers what makes them successful in their life journey.

The responses from the traders interviewed will be posted raw, in their own words and unedited so the reader can feel the emotion in their answers. 

Click current featured Interviewee photo on the right to access Beyond The Trades!


Free Trading Video Lessons

Technical Analysis


Presentation by Brian Shannon

Click to Watch

Trading Psychology


Presented by Dr. Brett Steenbarger

Click to Watch

Chart Pattern Recognition


Presentation by J.C. Parets

Click to watch


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